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Welcome to your Supply Chain 4.0 Quiz

A supply chain 4.0 contains all the businesses & individual contributors involved in developing a product, from raw materials to completed merchandise.

Supply Chain 4.0 or Digital Supply Chain is key to the operations of each organization that manufactures or distributes anything. Supply Chain 4.0 transformation– the application of the Internet of Things & advanced analytics of big data, the utility of advanced robotics in supply chain management: place sensors in everything, create networks everywhere, automate anything & evaluate everything to notably enhance overall performance & customer satisfaction.

Digitization creates a disruption & needs companies to review the manner they layout their supply chain.



Take this quiz and then check your result using the score interpretation. We then direct you to resources that you can use to explore & improve your knowledge and develop your motivation to lead.

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How can organizations reconstruct Supply chain after covid ?

What is the movement of goods from one location to another known as ?

Which one of these is Inventory management technique ?

What are 3 types of transportation modes for freight ?

Which one doesn’t show an issue Material Requirement Planning Element ?

Supply chain is a process which links

What are the determining factors in the choice of mode of freight ?

What is the first step involved in Production order confirmation ?

Safety stock is the inventory kept on hand to assist an organization get through fluctuations in supply & demand.

Which company accept goods for international shipment & arranges for their transport ?

Which one is not the member of Supply Chain Management process ?

Which one is created in planning after MRP run ?

Reductions in tariffs & advances in IT are driving forces in

Which method is used for measuring & classifying inventory according to a set criteria ?

When did the focus changed from logistics to supply chain management ?

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