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The supply chain and digital transformation are taking the world by storm and we are also caught up in that storm. Today if we are able to use even a toothbrush that’s because it has been a part of a big supply chain and a lot of people and professionals are working to keep the chains going on. So, This article provides a list of digital supply chain books to read this year.

There are ample number of similarities between supply chain and logistics , but there are key differences that separate the two practices. Understanding the role of each can help the companies make improvements, enhance customer service and build a competitive advantage.

Supply chain management is a process of planning, implementing organization and controlling the operations of supply chain for the purpose of satisfying the customer need as efficiently as possible. in this article we are going to look for the basics of supply chain management and some best books written about it.

All actions connected to the upstream flow of goods and commodities are included in reverse logistics. It is “the process of relocating products away from their usual final destination in order to capture value or dispose of them properly.” 5 Best Reverse Logistics Books.