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How to Achieve Operational Excellence in 5 Steps?

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”

Any organization constantly interacts with the changing external environment which comprises numerous economic, social, and political factors, thus making it dynamic. For a business that wants to thrive in this competitive era, it must change itself and the goal as per the dynamic environment.

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is a wide term which demonstrates an organization’s ability in the execution of the operations. For an operational excellence in organisations, it must do it excellently. It is considered a fundamental strategy that helps the business to strengthen its growth while also staying ahead of the competition prevailing in the market.

It is the enactment of a business’s methods and strategies more consistently and reliably with lower operating costs, lower operating risks, and increased revenues. A business can achieve overall excellence when it’s operational excellence is strong and well-executed as it’s the base. The term sounds like a process, but it’s more like a perspective that takes leadership as the ticket to an organization’s welfare and advantages.

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Now that you’re familiar with the term “Operational Excellence“, let’s have a further look at how it can be achieved in 5 major steps.

1. Develop a sense of Self-awareness as a manager and build trust with your team

Being a team leader or a manager, the most significant thing you’ve to perform is to become more mindful towards yourself. This will enable you to become self-aware of yourself, your style, and your way of working and handling things with others. Also, you should be able to construct a strong alliance of trust with your team members as, without trust, no team can learn and perform. Not only this would help your employees to work more sharply, but it would also make them feel comfortable and valuable.

Operational Excellence

2. Build a Community with Team

The absence of a formal and ethical community somehow leaves an impact on your operational excellence. Without a reliable and valid community, employees lack the feeling of belongingness, that they are a primary part of something too. Without a sense of belongingness, the employees wouldn’t feel comfortable and if they don’t, the level of dedication towards the work might fall. Building a community will develop a sense of being a part of something enormous and essential than themselves. 

3. Create a Vision for Your Team

An imperative vision will ensure a promising future for your business. For your business’s fortune to be flourishing and growing, you must create a robust vision. A strong vision can be produced after you assess the situation that you will face in the future, correctly, and gather your team member’s opinions and views about it. It will leave a motivational effect on everyone within your team. Along with this, it will also create stability and passion among yourself and your team members for the work.

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4. Define their Roles & Responsibilities “Clearly” and “Precisely”

This is one of the major issues which halts the employee’s engagement when they are not specific about what they are supposed to do. It’s substantial to explain to the employees about the work that they are expected to do so their contribution can be counted. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities will also help them to know how they will adjust with the other team members.

5. Recognize the worthy Employees and Appreciate Them

This point pursues the above-mentioned point as it is equally influential. You can’t just go on after assigning the work to your team members without appreciating their efforts.

They need to be acknowledged when they exhibit their best performance and their contributions put a major influence on the overall teamwork. This will result in generating a sense of meaning in the work that they do every day and they will know that the work they are doing, does matter. Recognition is an excellent way of getting the team workers to all this.

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Achievement of operational excellence by the whole organization isn’t an easy task, but if the leader or the manager is committed and focused on its accomplishment, then it can be fulfilled. Also, the team needs to be more coordinated, determined, and committed to their work and deliver the best performance for the achievement of flourishing operational excellence.


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