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Lean Transformation- 5 Ideas for Most Efficient Meetings

 “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”- by Mark Twain.

Before taking an in-depth look at “Lean Transformation” and 5 ideas for the most efficient meetings, let’s get to know about the word, “Lean”. In simple words, “Lean” can be interpreted as a set of equipment and strategies that help in identifying and eliminating waste within the operations. The term can furthermore be described as a network of organizational principles that will benefit the organization by maximizing value along with eliminating waste.

What Lean Transformation Means?

Moving ahead, let’s read about what the term Lean Transformation implies. “Lean Transformation” is a term that illustrates the strategic, tactical, and operative advancements that any organization undergoes for creating more value for its ultimate consumers. Moreover, it can be added that this is a procedure where the introduction of changes is made to maximize the cycle of value produced for the customer in an organization. Due to the usage of lean philosophy, all the wasteful activities are recognized, eliminated, and then optimized. The improvements made through “Lean Transformation” exemplify all the fundamental and collective shifts in business practices that are different from the traditional approaches. It facilitates the companies to create a crucial shift from being able to survive and thrive by removal of the organizational patterns and practices that inhibit the productive delivery of value.

Now, you must have gotten an idea about what “Lean” and “Lean Transformation” means and how their usage affects the organizations. Furthermore, let’s take a look at the 5 ideas for the most efficient business meetings- 

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  1. Understanding the Lean

    One of the great mysteries of successful implementation of lean is building an army of trusted people who believe and live in the lean philosophy. Tools and techniques help a lot to enforce lean formation and implementation, but they are not adequate all by themselves. If you wish your organization to be successful in the long term, you would need an army of people who will understand and live the lean philosophy. Everyone in your organization should know thoroughly about the lean method and its processes. The lean culture should be in the DNA of the employees, this way they will be able to work beneficially within lean management and philosophies in the organization.
  1. Cultural Change after Routine-

    If you want your lean meeting to be effective, and you want the culture of your organization to be changed by simply illustrating the advantages of lean, you will certainly fail. The traditional method of lean focuses on firstly, changing the culture, and thus, they hope the changes would appear by themselves. Nevertheless, this particular strategy usually fails. For your lean implementation to be profitable, you should do it’s opposite, that is, the first conduction of behavioral modifications through new routines should be done. These new standards will help to bring a change in the attitude and finally, people of your organization would begin to understand and experience the cultural change.
  1. Learning from Mistakes- 

    For your lean meetings to be effective, you and your organization should be open to learning new creations and ideas. People who work in an organization with a learning environment, don’t only have a place to go to work, but also have a place to learn and adapt. The organization and its employees can learn from problems that emerge and make them visible, solve the problems immediately, and share new knowledge with people. Some organizations still use traditional ways of “lean” and its philosophies which leads to the employees having less knowledge whereas in a few cases, some of them hoard the knowledge and remain ignorant to it. In the 21st century, these traditional methods are bound to fail. Nonetheless, various organizations have enforced a system that enables the share of information and learn from mistakes.

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  1. Quick Feedback-

    Organizations that wish to succeed by the execution of lean strategies should shift from the hierarchical command and control management to a stage where the employees can easily recommend their ideas and implement them to improve. This manner of thinking indicates having the leaders, not bosses, who support and effectively organize the suggestions of employees and use them to improvise. Honest feedback from the employees helps the organization in many ways. 
  1. Systematic Thinking-

    This is the last significant thing to consider if you want your lean meeting to be effective and efficient.  The capacity to learn faster and adapt to the changes faster than your competitors might be the only competitive benefit, especially in this century. Systematic thinking during the implementation of lean in an organization would help it to improve productivity and reduce or eliminate the waste in processes. It should focus more on the individual’s interchange within the organization, rather than just pointing the focus towards just an individual.

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Hereby, it can be concluded that if an organization desires to make its lean meetings successful, then it should follow these above-mentioned steps. Along with ensuring the success of the organization, these steps will also assure you of long term running of your organization. 

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