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4 Best Leadership style in VUCA World

The world has changed since the pandemic and so has the business environment. To survive and thrive in such a VUCA World, a business must adopt the modern and latest improvements and technologies. 

VUCA Leadership style is one of the latest and improvised theories of leadership and it helps to bring the best out of the team. Let’s have a short review of VUCA, VUCA Leadership theory, and the terms related to it.

What is VUCA Leadership?

VUCA, a term about which many of you might or might not be familiar with. The “VUCA” and it’s meaning has been discussed later in the blog. For now, we will know about “VUCA leadership”. This VUCA principle helps to encourage the consideration of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity A leader has to deal with all these four points, i.e., volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in all circumstances or dilemmas to achieve the desired goal.

This leadership approach focuses more on how to deal with the obstacles in a challenging environment and be prepared to tackle any hurdle instead of just relying on the set outcomes. VUCA leadership approach is considered very effective in VUCA world and thus, has been adopted by various organizations to successfully achieve their organization’s respective goals.

It has been adapted by various organizations as it helps to cover every aspect from leadership to planning and execution of the plan.

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Take a look at VUCA and its meaning:

VUCA meaning is Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. It is a combination of qualities that show the nature of certain difficult situations or conditions.

  • Volatility recognizes steady and rapid changes. It shows that the business environment keeps changing at a rapid speed, so the leader needs to adhere to the steady changing characteristic and change the plan whenever needed.
  • Uncertainty refers to the state of being unaware of the happenings in the future. It shows that any change can happen in the business environment and therefore, the leader needs to be prepared for the situation and how to tackle the problem.
  • Complexity is the state of being intricated or detailed. Complexity in the VUCA approach of leadership highlights the number of issues and factors that need to be taken care of before proceeding with further steps.
  • Ambiguity asks a leader to be flexible and adaptive to any change that may occur in the future. It draws the leader’s scrutiny towards the condition where there is a lack of clarity or understanding.

Is Your Leadership Team Ready for VUCA Environment?

It depends on the team and it’s members that they are prepared for the VUCA world or not. If your team is tough and adaptive to steady changes, then your team can cope up in the VUCA environment as it requires a strong mindset and willingness to cope up with the steady changes. However, if your team is lazy and afraid to cop-up with changes, then it might become difficult for you to lead your team and achieve the goal which you wish to aspire to.

The leader himself should be effective as well as efficient and should be able to carry out his or her team well during the changes. The team should be cooperative and show unity in tackling the obstacles. Also, in current Transformation the followers should listen to their respective leaders and at the same time, the leader should also welcome the thoughts and views of his followers to do the best thing possible.

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To be ready for a VUCA World:

  1. The leader should create a strong vision and values for his followers and himself as it will help them to keep themselves motivated in tough times.
  2. They should meet the uncertain situation’s demands after proper analysis of the surroundings.
  3. They should be able to clear the complex predicament and bring more clarity to it. 
  4. Lastly, they should know how to deal with the ambiguous situation with quickness and sharpness. 

If all the points are kept in mind, then the team will surely be able to thrive in the VUCA environment. If all steps taken after keeping in mind the VUCA approach, then surely your team is fine and ready for this environment.

What We Know About Leadership in ​VUCA?

VUCA Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior of people towards the achievement of organizational goals. It indicates the ability of an individual to maintain good interpersonal relations with followers and motivate them to contribute to achieving organizational objectives. It indicates the interpersonal relations between the leader and his followers.

Without proper leadership and a leader, no group can attain organizational goals. An individual, who possesses attributes of leadership is known as a “Leader”. A leader plays a key role in the success of a corporation. A leader can exploit people to strive willingly and enthusiastically for the accomplishment of a group or organizational objectives.

Leadership aims to bring positive and better change in the behavior of others and it is a continuous process. The leadership process never ends as if one goal is achieved, then another goal is set and steps are taken to fulfill the goal.

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Hereby, it can be concluded that leadership is really important for the team to run successfully and obtain the required organizational goal. While a leader is exhibiting leadership skills, it’s best if he uses the VUCA leadership style as it’s easy and less conflicted to understand and deal with.

Also, the VUCA style of leadership covers all important aspects related to business and it has been designed according to the latest needs and demands of leadership.

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