5 Signs That Woman are Still Harassed in Good Companies Too

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5 Signs That Woman are Still Harassed in Good Companies Too

“If you see harassment happening, speak up. Being harassed is terrible; having bystanders pretend they don’t notice is infinitely worse.”

Celeste Ng. 

How Women are typically targeted during this VUCA world. It’s against the law against women, who are considered to be the foremost vulnerable section of the VUCA environment. Whether or not it’s a tiny low company or a good company, women are harassed everywhere. 


Women particularly are negatively compact. Women, particularly girls of color, are additionally seem to have been set off or furloughed throughout the COVID-19 crisis, obstructing their careers and jeopardizing their money security.


  • Sexual Harassment within the Workplace-

    From unwelcome and offensive comments to unwanted physical advances and requests for sexual favours, the #1 commonest sort of work harassment is acquainted to us all.


  • Mental Harassment within the Workplace-

      There are numerous cases that may be lined beneath the horizon of harassment at work against the women due to which  the women suffers humiliation & Mental Torture (Mental Harassment) and are typically exploited by their several supervisors.


  • Gender Biases-  Gender biases begin to require place at an awfully early stage for Indian girls. It’s terribly tough to simply accept the very fact that women also are capable of operating shoulder to shoulder with men. Indian society supports male dominance all told major, necessary and difficult tasks whereas women are thought-about to be weak and solely capable of bearing lesser work pressure at the work.

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  • Salary related issue at workplace- Women around the world still face a wage gap. In fact, Women on the average can get to work quite seventy more days every year simply to catch up to the earnings of men. Our analysis shows that even once taking under consideration previous expertise, time since degree, job level, industry, and world region, girls master’s degree graduates were paid $4,600 but men in their 1st job once graduation.


Access to Hot Jobs- Not all leadership opportunities are created equally, and not all jobs offer identical degrees of career advancement. Today, women still get offered fewer of the high visibility, mission-critical roles, and international experiences (what we tend to think of as “hot jobs”) that are necessary to reach the best levels of leadership.

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