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Leadership Development in VUCA world

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority” by Ken Blanchard.

Great leadership is key to raise a better working world, but it’s one of the most challenging behaviors to teach. At Learn Transformation, Leadership is not only about one person who runs the organization. Leadership is about each & every employee working in that organization. Leadership Development is to develop leaedership talent in every employee, to strengthen the capacity of employees at every level to lead in everything they do is the thinking of experts at Learn Transformation.

The best leaders are those who lead with a feeling of purpose. Knowing their purpose gives these leaders a clarification to make choices, at work & home, that helps them find significant accomplishment in all they do, encouraging others to do the same. 

The only way organization & businesses can survive in today’s disruptive world is through Leadership.

The key to reliable business performance is a stiff tie-in between leadership & value creation & value creation is boosted by strong leadership development skills.  Now, everyone needs to show leadership. Everyone needs to drive innovation. Everyone needs to be positive & need to give their best. An open, all-inclusive & flexible culture, united with a wide array of growth opportunities, is helping professionals take holding of their careers. At Learn Transformation, we think that if every organization adapts it wonderfully then, it will automatically lead in its field.

invest in Leadership Development

Importance of Leadership Development

Leadership development is the process of developing the capabilities of employees so that they can lead in your organization. Further let’s read about why leadership development is important.

Company’s Success

 The company’s success depends on the great leaders. With a strong, growth-minded leader, employees will feel inspired to attain goals & motivated to perform better. Make sure they have the skills necessary for effective leadership throughout their career can improve engagement & the completion of goals on an individual & company-wide level.

Talent hunting

Instead of looking for external applicants, that you know about leadership development topics and its efforts can permit you to recognize employees within the organization who can be great leaders if provided the opportunity. Promoting the ability to identify strong candidates for leadership positions & other growth opportunities is also an important skill. Motivating growth from within & highlighting the importance of strong leadership practices in your employees can improve company loyalty & overall efficiency and functionality.

Employee Gratification

Effectual leadership is important for employee gratification. Raising positive relationships between employees & their superiors can improve productivity & attitudes. It also indicates a willingness to learn & grow for the sake of the company.

To make a Balance

Successful leaders in businesses must be able to frequently adjust their methods to manage both employees & company procedures. Both are necessary to the success of the business, so providing repeated leadership development opportunities allows individuals to improve their methods and add to their range of leadership, organizational & efficiency skills.

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Why Invest in Leadership Development?

Leadership development is one of the most urgent issues faced by organizations globally today & it indicates a great chance for them to grab a competitive advantage in their industries. To lead change, one of the biggest engines is a leadership development program that starts to foster management talent that is enterprise-wide, entrepreneurial & globally recruited.

By investing in leadership development process, companies are allowed to do things that drive reliable success:

Drive strategy implementation

Having effective leadership development skills isn’t development for its purpose. Organizations require a leadership strategy that almost connects with the business strategy & furnishes employees with the leadership skills needed to implement it. Leadership development programs allows organizations to shape the culture & strategy of the business. 

Upgrade financial performance

Companies that highly invest in human capital deliver stock market returns 5 times higher than those of companies that put less emphasis on human capital. Leadership development framework builds capacity to decrease costs, drive new lines of revenue & improve customer satisfaction.

Expanding in navigating change

Leadership development expands people’s ability to respond swiftly in unpredictable business environments. In a survey, it was found that 86% of companies with strategic leadership development programs were able to respond quickly in an unpredictable business environment.

Allure & keep talent

Leadership development skills amplifies employee engagement, expands the organization’s ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline, and decreases the headaches & costs linked with turnover. Great leaders attract, hire & inspire great people. Developing, coaching & promoting people internally is generally less expensive than the costs often needed to hire someone externally.

Leadership Development Strategies

Mobile Learning for Millenary Managers

With the average age of the first-time manager being 30, we have entered the age of millenary management; nearly 30% of Millennials possess managerial-level roles. Surveys from different sources indicate that millennial managers value learning & growth experiences more than previous generations. They take responsibility for their re-orientation. Still, they want development & training delivered in a new way. 

They expect mobile access to learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere. Leadership development professionals need to customize programs to this group of managers & offer more flexible online programs. According to the Korn Ferry Institute, research shows Millennials learn more through online development than time spent in the classroom.

Concentrate on Applying & Enduring Behaviors

 Leadership development process has been considered a one-and-done experience. Different programs take new managers, push them through an organization’s “academy,” then send them out into the world. But we swiftly forget most of what we learn if not applied regularly. 

Leadership development professionals need to begin spending as much time helping people endure new knowledge & behaviors as they do help those leaders attain new knowledge & behaviors. Behavioral touch is shifting from the world of social psychology into everyday use by governments, companies & other organizations. This might include:

* Reminding new managers to review weekly task lists & assign them to team members.

* Reminding middle managers to practice inclusion in their meetings. 

* Encouraging senior executives to schedule time for strategic thinking.

Employee Engagement

To foster employee engagement, the first obvious step is training & coaching managers in how to apply behaviors that unbolt emotional commitment. Each organization is distinct but, in general, managers need to learn particular behaviors such as: using a coach approach to develop team members, building trust, giving effective timely feedback, providing strategic recognition & fostering belonging.

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Group Coaching & Coordination of Leadership Development

In this new era, everyone needs to be a leader who actively involves their people. With this awareness, coaching will become a standard part of every manager’s experience. 

One way is to start group coaching experiences, in which one human executive coach will be available for every 10 managers. By coinciding with quarterly or monthly topics, one coach can support each manager’s requirements every week, and also bring everyone together using video conferencing. Additionally, companies can now hold AI-powered coach bots & hyper-personalized nudges from companies like LEADx, Qstream & others.

AI Becomes imperceptible

In the new decade, AI will become the norm, a presumed part of leadership development topics and experiences. AI is going to be making an impact in personalization. With AI, leaders will be provided hyper-personalized content based on the manager’s capabilities, personality & goals. As it does for Amazon, Netflix & Spotify, AI can present selected information in learning management.

AI is also going to support leadership development directors in gaining the respect of other senior leaders. With AI technology, leadership development can amplify its use of dashboards & correlation matrices.

Final Word

Providing leadership development opportunities can improve morale, loyalty & profit. Combining effective leadership development skills & education into your present system of operations allows for growth and lasting success. Advanced leadership development programs develop a deeper, richer pipeline of talent, which is why organizations today are looking to unlock the full potential of their talents at all levels. As we shift into the 2020s, it’s a fascinating time for the whole transformation of our departments.

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