How to calculate Net promoter score for customer satisfaction survey in VUCA World?

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How to calculate Net promoter score for customer satisfaction survey in VUCA World?

Organizations across the world have progressively begun depending on NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure and assess the client experience.

NPS score is a basic instrument utilized by most organizations. Silicon Valley’s new businesses and many Fortune-500 organizations have adopted NPS to follow and improve the client experience. Learn transformation is using Net promoter score for customer satisfaction survey and loyalty towards a brand’s products and services. 

In India as well, organizations are progressively getting used to perform consumer satisfaction survey and utilizing it to drive positive change. Presented by Fred Reichheld from Bain in 2013, it is still one of the most usually utilized measurements for organizations today.

Net promoter score is estimated with a single ‘Likely to Recommend’ (LTR) question review. 

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The customer is asking Net promoter score question such as – how likely is it that you would recommend an organization/product/service to a friend or a colleague? 

The scores are accounted for as an index, ranging from 100 to 100. Respondents are approached to give a rating between 0(not at all likely) and 10 (extremely likely).

How to calculate Net promoter score:


Depending upon their reactions, clients can be categorized as one of these three classifications: 


Those who give 9 or 10 are ordinarily loyal and excited clients.


Those giving a rating of 7 or 8 is fulfilled yet insufficient to be advertisers.


They react with a score of 0 to 6. 

The Net promoter score survey can fill a more noteworthy need than only recording client feedback and show up at a score. This basic review helps in accumulating more extensive client bits of knowledge, for instance, why a client has given a specific rating. To get the best out of the Net Promoter Score metric, it’s imperative to set up the correct Net promoter score framework which guarantees two things: 

  1. All clients approach the input review through the entirety of their associated contact focuses on the organization.
  2. An Net promoter score program should become an integral part of the organizational goals to make overarching improvements, where every employee becomes responsible for customer experience.

1. Robust technology platform-

Setting up a hi-tech technology platform and preparing the backend is the first step in establishing the Net promoter score framework. Organization of the correct innovation will empower organizations to consequently trigger the Net promoter score survey from all client connection contact focuses for 2021. Technology also helps in deep data analysis of customer feedback for accurate identification of customer pain-points. It can also make the implementation of a solution easier and faster.

2. Survey construct-

To check, the customer satisfaction levels, a couple of more layers of inquiries might be added to the conventional ‘likely to recommend (LTR)’ question. Different layers need to have the “driver” questions in order to deep dive into client issues. 

3. Pillars of hierarchy-

A well-defined Net Promoter Score hierarchy strengthens the network and enables a coordinated and well-planned execution of the Net promoter score program. It is important to set up an entire network of people and allot pre-characterized functions to them – for calling up clients, taking their input, and addressing customer problem areas via carrying out root cause analysis of the issues. 

4. Using feedback data for changing organizational practices-

The review results may raise a few issues that were not identified before. It’s important to conduct a root cause analysis to understand and act upon these problems. 

Examples of innovative use of Net Promoter Score of companies.

Check out the Video-

Customers are the backbone of any business. As evidenced, customer satisfaction and loyalty can make or break any organization and therefore, must be always taken into account when making important decisions for future purposes.

Good Net Promoter Score bolster an organization’s ability to retain customers. Learn transformation is adopting NPS best practices that can achieve a significant uptick in the conversion of detractors and passives to promoters. Besides happier customers, a good NPS program can also become a major driver of transformation for an organization. 


Adopting this formula can change the manner in which a business is directed if the organizations become adaptable to adjust the business measures dependent on client feedback. Better client experience automatically leads to the higher development of an organization. Organizations, consequently, should focus on setting up the correct system for executing NPS in a more viable way.


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