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How Automated Freight Management Assists in Supply Chain?

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” by Winston Churchill.

Automated Freight Management is consistently changing & progressing to reflect the needs of a progressively complex supply chain. In the face of rising e-commerce activity, shippers are turning to advanced technology to guarantee reduced cost & an even customer experience. Automation permits freight managers to contemplate all aspects of the operation & avoid useless spending. Particularly, they amplify resource conservation. It’s essential to understand how automation looks within the freight settlement side of the Supply Chain Transfomarion. 

It starts with the carrier sending an invoice & supporting documentation to an organization’s accounts payable department. Traditional settlement systems would check manually- authorization of payment, the material, and innumerable minutes lost in adding payment data for processing. 

But Automated freight settlement processes can devour the email, utilizing Robotics Process Automation (RPA). The system accordingly recognizes the carrier & matches the invoice to the quote within the TMS. It affirms the references & carrier documentation. Then, it alerts the team of missing data, if applicable. And it concludes payment account data, starting with the printing of physical checks. So, it reduces the manual work in the transfoamtion process.

Shippers who implement new technologies will be in a superior position to decrease freight costs.

Technologies and services that will have a huge impact on shipping businesses including:

  • Blockchain.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Internet of Things.
  • 3D printing.
  • Autonomous mobile robots.
  • Self-driving trucks.
  • Shared truckload shipping.

How Automated Freight Management assists in Supply Chain?

              Problems with Modern Freight Management

              A supply-chain professional understands challenges for robotics and Automation in logistics will always exist and perceives that acknowledging the problems is necessary to find a solution. A few of the top problems with modern freight management are: 

              • Poor use of robotics.
              • Poor cybersecurity of systems.
              • Failure to consider the whole picture.
              • Incapacity to access elastic logistics.
              • Dependency on out-of-date data exchange technologies.
              • Inability to look beyond the now.

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                        How to use Automated Freight Settlement in the Supply Chain?

                        Supply chain leaders realize a Transport Management System (TMS) is an indispensable tool in achieving efficiency of robotics in supply chain management. There are few tips to assist with automated freight settlement:

                        1. Combine the TMS with the freight invoicing & payment platforms.
                        2. Leverage analytics to differentiate freight quotes against submitted invoices.
                        3. Recall, to sum up, the accessorial & their accuracy.
                        4. Remove the manual work of tabulating & initiating payment processing.
                        5. Track the system’s performance with KPIs that indicate invoices approved and those kicked back for errors or missing data.
                        6. Keep informed of what carriers, anyhow of mode, are doing to require quick payment or digital invoicing.

                                  Technologies behind Automated Freight Management

                                  There are a lot of technologies that power automation in logistics and supply chain management & freight management. These technologies permit companies to undergo their highs & lows by smoothing all the information they require to run their business & progressively transport their freight. Shippers need to know how these technologies make sense to a more profitable & productive supply chain.

                                  1. Machine Learning & Big Data

                                  Machine learning assists big data analytics in putting up to the success of Automated Freight Management using logistics automation software. Big data offers a complete picture of the status of the product. As companies attain the ability to put in machine learning & big data to authorize real-time, automated exception management, all other estimates to decrease workload, amplify productivity & save money rise easier to realize.

                                  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Work in Sequence

                                  These two advances to technology work in sequence to track sales, track all areas of transport, and above all, support the whole process for freight. RPA and AI take the time to consume simple tasks and merge them into quick, easy-to-read reports & analytics for businesses.

                                  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

                                  SaaS is an elegant way of describing a platform like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other subscription-based apps. The attraction of this type of service has resounded in recent years and has modified the supply chain industry in its ways. The benefits of providing this type of service within the industry are having all data centralized & streamlining maintenance without inconvenience or complications. 

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                                  Final Word

                                  The sooner you implement new systems, the sooner you will reap the benefits. Shippers that accept cutting-edge tools & services will be in a better position to decrease costs, minimizing customer churn, identifying possible problems, and streamlining operations. Invest in leading technologies today, then watch your business get moving into the future with the help of automation of supply chain processes. 

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