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Best 10 Tips to Choose a Right E-commerce Marketing Automation Platform

Investing in automated marketing is one of the most effective steps to increase your productivity and ROI and save time on marketing and sales.

The WooCommerce show stock quantity is also an automated plugin that can give your team an estimate of stock. Automation will help you to drive sales and lead for your business.

However, don’t be content with the first option you get. Use these 10 tips to find what works best for your business.

#1. Formulating a Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy

No business plan works without a plan or design, so your marketing automation program should provide you with the tools and resources you need to implement it. Third-party requests, conduct public business and procurement, communicate information to stakeholders, and enable better decision-making. You cannot measure your results or adjust your plan without a clear plan.

Gathering information from Business Intelligence (BI) should allow you to adapt to changing trends quickly, identify customer and partner needs, distribute content, and work within your CMS and ERP software. Your BI plan includes the development of signals to trigger automated bidding processes, conditions for creating advertising and reporting to staff, and time to increase sales through team or sales.

#2. Abandoned Cart Emails and Automation

Unfortunately, about 70% of shoppers abandon their online shopping. In terms of revenue, junk cars cause e-businesses to lose $ 18 billion annually, according to Forester Research. What if you could turn the tide and turn wagons into space?

Just because someone didn’t make a purchase doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy what’s in their cart. There can be hundreds of reasons why someone might not make a purchase, including a faulty Wi-Fi connection or a lack of better-paid options.

#3. Cycle-based Automation

The cycle-based automation is used when a subscriber joins a mailing list but has not purchased anything within a period. Buyers can see and enjoy many products, but unfortunately, they postpone their purchases for various reasons. Then with this device, you can set up triggers for a specific period that expires between signing up for your brand and no investment.

You can engage subscribers with an automatic message. For example, you can offer a special voucher or discount code to overcome trading barriers; otherwise, if the customer made a purchase in the last 5 months and has not placed an order since. You can set an automatic “I miss you” reminder in this case.

#4. Spam Compliance Rules and Setup

Adherence to Spam and general online marketing guidelines is updated as regulators strive to protect consumers better. Ensure your automated ad adheres to the latest rules, and ensure your tools are easy to install for specific purposes. Examples include SPF and DKIM for tracking spam emails.

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is used to prevent misleading email addresses and is related to the “mailbox” theme. Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method that identifies email messages with unique parameters, such as sender, signer, all subjects, and content.

Your email tools on any social media marketer should now be included, and you should also ask the company how often they update their software to reflect new rules and regulations for all of their tools.

#5. Customer Support

When moving to a new and unfamiliar system, you want to get the best possible help. It’s important to know that technology isn’t perfect and things can break, so extra resources for your unique problem can be invaluable.

Purchasing a new automated management system usually comes with some technical support, but the type of support available can vary.

Most of these are provided through phone, email, or live chat support. Chatting with a natural person (rather than a chatbot) can help you solve unique problems.

Especially if you don’t have the time or extra help to solve a problem, customer support can be an essential priority when comparing different market conditions.

#6. Don’t Sacrifice Features or Usability

Don’t compromise your automated operating system. You can get an intense look and easy-to-use interface.

The exemplary user interface allows you to take advantage of many features of the powerful software and translate them into easy-to-use aids that make it easier for staff to work on the system.

#7. Designing Automated Email Campaigns

Email alerts can be triggered by events, behavior, or a complex combination of situations and use automated systems that can categorize emails for thousands of disclosures. Email ads are cheap and effective.

You can welcome new customers, thank customers for their orders, send an item list for a product someone has ordered, or promote a sale, special offer, or publicity announcement. Wish your best customers a happy birthday or ask questions about new products.

Many programs provide everything you need to write a text message, check instructions, figure out how to make each statement, and stop sending emails twice.

#8. Content-Based Automation

The device triggers an action when we know a customer and their customer behavior and interests. The triggers can be fixed according to the guidelines provided by the customers so that you do not disturb your customers.

With automation, you can easily collect and store subscriber behavior data before their actual characteristics are revealed. Even if a customer first views the product pages and subscribes to your newsletter, you already know what he is interested in.

#9. Scalability is a Must

Scalability is another important factor. Check to see if the foundation can expand and update its features to handle the growing user interaction and need for business growth. Most software solutions can be deployed because you are running on a SaaS model.

#10. In-Depth Analytics and Tracking Conversions

To satisfy your marketing efforts, your search engine optimization needs to provide an in-depth analysis of all your leads. This is especially true for the path they take as customers. Look for tools to feed your sales force with data on every touch device your company has.

The more information you have on your market and customers, the more professional advice they offer. This will increase the rate, which leads to the conversion of customers and customers into loyal followers.


Automated sales are the key to success by discovering the many innovative businesses already on your website and using the information to gain performance insights and advertise relevant sales. Automated marketing can reduce your marketing efforts and help you make changes efficiently.

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