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X Matrix Hoshin Kanri method is amid the potent tools in the Lean weaponry for effective strategic management. Hoshin Kanri is a management method that appeared in Japan after World War 2. 

Hoshin means Compass, Kanri means Management. Hoshin Kanri means you need direction as a way to have powerful management.

Hoshin Kanri strategy marks the requirement to act on and attain planned goals. It implies that you simply got to know where you’re going, and a map to get there. It is used for taking strategic goals & progressively communicating them down through the organization, then back up the organization, ultimately put into action by employees with a shared commitment.


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Hoshin Kanri means Policy Deployment ?

In Hoshin Kanri, planning is done

In X- matrix set up Breakthrough objectives are placed in which quadrant ?

Full form of PDCA is :

Annual Improvement opportunities are placed in which quadrant in X-Matrix ?

Hoshin Kanri measures transformation success using both lagging and leading metrics.

Which one of the following defines strategic planning ?

Hoshin is a _________ step planning process.

SMART goal means

What are 4 strategies of Porter ?

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