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Welcome to your Analytics & AI Quiz

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computing where intelligent machines uplift human cognitive abilities & experiences. AI can reproduce certain human-like behaviour, like interacting, learning, recognizing & understanding, making it a important technology.

The growing availability, precision, and ease of implementation of artificial intelligence methods generate opportunities for companies to use them in their business.

For example, insurance companies get started with AI to read claims from their clients, to have the understanding, of the claim is easy or difficult & it can give a suggestion on how to handle the claim. The insurance employee then only needs to do a quick check before approving the recommendation. It can save precious time & increase the quality of the work. This is just one example.



Take this quiz and then check your result using the score interpretation. We then direct you to resources that you can use to explore & improve your knowledge and develop your motivation to lead.

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Who founded AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?

Which are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence ?

Which Language is not commonly used for AI ?

DARPA, funded a good deal of Artificial Intelligence research belongs to which department

What is the full form of SAAS ?

How can AI help in image recognition in the field of medicine ?

How will you describe Artificial Intelligence ?

Which technique was developed to spot whether a machine demonstrate the artificial intelligence or not ?

According to a study by IBM, Which one is the largest single source where data is collected ?

Which is not the traditional goal of AI research ?

Which search algorithm needs less memory ?

Where is the Robotics institute, which is one amongest the leading American Robotics centers located ?

Continuous path control is programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow.

An AI agent perceives & acts upon the environment using sensors only.

Which technique of AI enables the computer to know the associations & relationships b/w events & objects ?

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