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Welcome to your Leadership Calculator

1. Does planning for your future excites you?
2. Have you ever seen as very enthusiastic and charismatic person by someone?
3. Do you see yourself as vision-oriented & believe in taking an initiative first?
4. Do you consider yourself as a person of Principles?
5. Do you believe that you are a confident person?
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6. Are you having a Positive outlook towards life?
7. Do you think that Emotional Intelligence is important part our lives?
8. Are you open to discover new opportunities in life?
9. Are you able to manage time efficiently?
10. Do you have a habit of setting objectives for yourself?
11. Do you prioritize teamwork & team spirit in your team?
12. Are you able to understand what others are good at and use their abilities to your advantage?
13. What are your ideas about having a long term vision?
14. How well do you adapt to any change?
15. Do you consider yourself as an organized person?
16. Do you consider yourself as a risk taker?
17. Do you see yourself empowering enough to inspire others?
18. Are you consistent with your decision-making power?
19. Are you able to switch between different leadership styles while working?
20. What style you will follow while working with your team?

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