Unlocking Lean Six Sigma

Unlocking Lean Six Sigma is a Competency-Based Approach to Applying Continuous Process Improvement Principles and Best Practices (Competency Based Books for Structured Learning)

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Unlocking Lean Six Sigma

 Comprehensive Methodology for Managing Work Processes for Optimal Success

Lean Six Sigma is a method and strategy that supports individuals and project management teams as they pinpoint problems and implement work process improvements. You don’t need to be an engineer to apply these practical principles and tools, and you can use them in any organization and industry. The fact is, applying Lean Six Sigma is easier to use than you think, and the guide will show you how.

As the legendary management guru Peter Drucker said, There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Unlocking Lean Six Sigma takes the best of the Lean method for waste reduction and continuous improvement and pairs it with the variation and quality control methods of Six Sigma. The result is a comprehensive methodology that supports you in managing work processes for optimal success.

This easy-to-use competency-based guide is a how-to manual. You can use it for self-paced learning and also in project teams. Each of the key concepts described in Unlocking Lean Six Sigma gives you a bite-sized chunk of key information. But the ideas are not just explained. Each concept includes:

  • Worksheets showing how you can develop what you learned in your environment.
  • Illustrations showing how an analyst would approach using the tools.
  • Charts and other visual tools to ensure the highest, fastest levels of comprehension and retention.
  • Several links to other professional resources such as videos and website with useful information.
  • Process improvement case scenarios that highlight how the ideas you learned about were used by others.
  • What to do tips to further cement your learning.
  • Practice questions and places where you can document what you learned and how you might use it in your job.

At the end of the guide, you’ll find a 120-question knowledge test that allows you to self-test how well you understood the material. Optionally, if you want to earn professional development hours (PDHs) or a Lean Sigma credential, you can do so through Centrestar. For more information, see the Earn PDHs and a Lean Sigma Yellow Belt Credential section in the guide.

In a jargon-crowded field, words like Lean and Six Sigma can be intimidating for both beginners and experienced users. Don’t worry, Unlocking Lean Six Sigma is written in plain language and packed with straight-forward examples. This easy-to-follow guide provides you with tools and techniques for implementing Lean Six Sigma and managing change initiatives.


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