Transformational Leadership Theory & Examples? 10 Ways to Become a Good Transformational Leader in VUCA World

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Transformational Leadership Theory & Examples? 10 Ways to Become a Good Transformational Leader in VUCA World

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

Growth and change are an integral part of any organization, but with the help of transformational leadership, a leader can inspire his team members to adopt change by encouraging an organizational culture of accountability, workplace autonomy, and ownership.

What is Transformational Leadership and its theory?

Transformational Leadership is one of the leadership styles where the leader inspires, encourages, and motivates his team members to create and innovate such a change that would help to grow and build the future success of the organization. The leader closely works with his team for identifying the needed change, while also developing a vision for guiding that particular change and enforcing that change in the team with its committed members.

The theory of transformational leadership is relatively a new approach to leadership that majorly focuses on how leaders can bring a valuable and positive change to their followers. This leadership theory focuses on how a leader transforms his team members to support each other and the organization as a whole. The followers of such leaders respond by feeling trusted, admired, loyal, and respected towards their leader and become more willing so they can work harder than originally expected. The theory also says that transformational leaders demonstrate four factors, “individual consideration”, “inspirational motivation”, “intellectual stimulation”, and “idealized influence”.

Examples of Transformational Leadership-

1- Steve Jobs- Steve Jobs is one of the most iconic names in transformational leadership that the world knows about. His enthusiasm for perfection, clearness, and sophistication helped to drive his corporation, Apple Inc. He constantly challenged all his employees to think beyond the perspective of a “common man” and create unique products.

2- Mahatma Gandhi- His name is another big name in the list of transformational leaders around the world. He provided the Indian Freedom movement with a sense of direction and purpose to go ahead. His charismatic personality was able to bring a change in each citizen of India and make their contribution count.

3- Nelson Mandela- Late Nelson Mandela was the first black President of South Africa and his dream of demolishing apartheid was shared widely and he became successful to a vast extent. His transformational leadership style and passion for humanity made him an incredible and affectionate leader.

4- Barack Obama- Being the first-ever black President of the United States of America, Barack Obama was greatly popular as a human leader. He is hugely respected all over the world and is known for encouraging his staff to be open and present their ideas without any limits.

5- Martin Luther King Jr.- The struggles made by Martin Luther King Jr. for ending racism in America has inspired many people all across the world. He had a great passion for justice and his methods of protesting made him gather support from the world being a transformational leader.

10 Ways to Become a Good Transformational Leader in VUCA World-

For being a successful transformational leader in VUCA World, take a look at these 10 ways to improvise or change yourself-

1- Explore– Being a transformational leader, you should be able to explore the pillars of resiliency and learn to exchange the tools that are needed to build individual and team resilience.

2- Gain Awareness- You should gain awareness about the required inner capacities of your team members to achieve the desired goal so you can lead the change. Not only this, but you should also gain inner self-awareness by achieving introspection.

3- Know the External Changes– As a transformational leader, you should know about the external change practices that are needed to navigate those changes in the dynamic business environment of the VUCA World. You should know about changes such as the development of technology, the globalization of your product’s market, new competitors in the market, etc.

4- Deepen your Understanding- You should deepen your understanding of emergent modifications as the most flourishing change approach in the complex as well local settings. Moreover, you should also reflect on how to apply that emergent change in your team and its goal.

5- Obtain Insight- To be a successful transformational leader in VUCA World, you should collect insights into the forces of preventing changes that are hidden in nature and ways for setting the appropriate conditions for the team to engage.

6- Experiment with Situations- You should simulate and experiment with situations that you come in so that you can explore how those situations may play out, and how you may react to them in the future. You should also anticipate your possible future threats and their likely responses.

7- Promote Flexibility- Promote flexibility, agility, and adaptability amongst your team by planning. Moreover, you should build a contingent time and be prepared to modify plans as the circumstances change.

8- Build a Righteous Team- Hire such people who can thrive in the VUCA environment and build your team with them. Make sure that they are collaborative and comfortable with ambiguity and possess complex thinking skills.

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9- Don’t Dictate- As a transformational leader, always try to lead but not dictate or control your team. This will de-motivate your employees and they won’t be able to exhibit their best skills. Thus, develop a collaborative environment for working with your team.

10- Review and Evaluate- Lastly, you should always review and evaluate your and your team’s performance. For this, you should consider what you did good, what came in your way as a surprise, and what you can do differently for the next time.


Transformational leadership can be highly effective if it is used properly, thus, make sure you are well aware of the necessities of this leadership style. Furthermore, you can view VUCA as a challenge to enhance your skills related to leadership and management, and you can turn it into an opportunity for making your team more effective.

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